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Historically the main aim of environment control has been human comfort. With the introduction of BASIX, Section J, Greenstar, and other ESD requirements, environmental control and sustainability are primary considerations in design.

Hydraulic, Civil & Fire Protection Consultants

At any given time, performance standards with specific qualitative values for water, energy, and waste water treatment exist in regulations, codes of practice and research recommendations. Over a period of time, these standards can be observed to become more exacting.

Our experienced team of management, and designers are familiar with accepted, and best practice environmental standards and are able to use analytical and practical techniques where necessary to produce well conceived answers to environmental issues.

James E Allen document all projects to include for effective control of water supplies and restrictions upon water wastage. This is achieved by the introduction of filtration, flow and pressure treatment and strict control and balance of water supplies and pressures.

James E Allen have various computer based software modelling programs to achieve the optimum characteristics to assist in this work.
Our offices will ensure that all wastes are treated using methods relative to the type of wastes discharged to comply with environmental and water authority standards, such that full approval of the relative authorities are obtained.

Several, but not all, of the environmental considerations normally reviewed at the earliest stages of a project, for client acceptance, are as follows:

Water conservation devices and methodology
Energy use minimization for hot water generation
Solar and atmospheric utilization
Waste water treatment and recycling
Rainwater collection, control, treatment and recycling
Equipment efficiency